P2 - Sanitizable Signatures

P2 – Sanitizable Cryptography

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The project considers sanitization of authenticated encryptions. Such encryptions occur in secure channel protocols where the sender securely transmits data to a receiver via a service provider. The overall goal is to incorporate the possibility that a service provider can, if the sender or receiver supports this, modify the encrypted transmission in a controlled way, e.g., truncate the communication data at designated places if the receiver has a low bandwidth. The solutions will be smoothly integrable with the common channel protocols.


Patrick Harasser

Research Interests:

  • Provable security
  • Sanitizable signatures
  • Sanitizable channels
  • Sigma protocols

Sogol Mazaheri

Research Interests:

  • Provable security
  • Privacy and security of cryptographic protocols.
  • Cryptographic primitives and their relationships
  • Hardware-assisted cryptography


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