In the future, digital attacks will become more and more powerful, especially with enormously potent quantum computers. Cryptography is an essential enabler of trust in IT systems. However, current cryptography is inadequate, due to the lack of functionalities, sound implementations, resistance against future attacks, and usability. CROSSING research focuses on cryptography-based security solutions for long-term trustworthy computing environments.

CROSSING – A unique collaborative effort

With excellent, internationally visible results our CROSSING scientists contribute significantly to making the digital world safer and protecting our privacy. To achieve this, CROSSING brings together an interdisciplinary team of highly qualified researchers. Specialists in cryptography, system security, and network security design cryptography-based security solutions. Hardware- and software-oriented cryptographers including experts from high-performance computing, complexity theory, and quantum physics provide secure cryptographic primitives as building blocks for the solutions. Researcher from the areas of software technology, formal methods, and security engineering provide secure implementations of security solutions as well as means to allow easy integration into complex application. This ia a unique collaborative effort of research areas that were far too isolated from each other before CROSSING was founded.