CROSSING Conference 2021

Hot Topics in Security & Privacy: From Contact Tracing to Quantum Secure Internet

September 30 & October 1 | Online

Organizer: CROSSING, Prof. Ahmad-Reza Sadeghi

With the rapid digital transformation of our civilization, security and privacy have become and indispensable and integral part of our information society. The worldwide pandemic has amplified the need for security and privacy more than ever by forcing nearly everyone – from school kids to whole enterprises and governments – into the cyber world where new online services are provided to maintain the essential needs of the society under lockdown.

Consequently, massive cyber-attacks on all kinds of organizations and critical infrastructure are alarmingly increasing, and cyber-crime is flourishing in the crowded online world.

In these changing and dynamic times, the Collaborative Research Center CROSSING at Technical University of Darmstadt brings together top researchers and experts in the field of security and privacy to foster new ideas and international collaboration on pressing cybersecurity issues. Our speakers will present their most recent results in rapidly emerging fields of research like contact tracing and data analysis, as well as cryptography, software engineering or hardware security.

Recordings of the conference talks

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