CROSSING Research Seminar

Cumulative Thesis – Writing and Organization

2024/02/15 13:00-14:00

Speaker: Dr. Andreas Erwig | Location: S2|20, Lab 121



This talk gives an overview over the writing and organizational process for a cumulative thesis at the computer science department at TU Darmstadt. In particular, the talk discusses the structure of a cumulative thesis and provides a step-by-step guide for the process from writing the thesis to receiving the certificate.

Speaker Bio

Andreas Erwig is a postdoc at the Chair of Applied Cryptography at TU Darmstadt. His main research interest is in the design of provably secure cryptographic protocols for distributed environments, with a particular focus on the security of cryptographic wallets. Andreas completed his Ph.D. in 2023 under the supervision of Sebastian Faust. Within CROSSING, he works in Project S7 .