CROSSING Workshop “Make Yourself Heard: The Power of Presence in Presentations"

Workshop for CROSSING Female* Scientists

2024/01/29 09:30-2024/04/29 17:00

Speaker: Francesca Carlin | Location: Collegium Glashütten

Organizer: Olga Sanina


A strong presence is one of the most influential factors in winning an audience. In this workshop, the participants will learn practical tools to “step into” their uniqueness and harness the potential of their authentic selves in order to create an effective and powerful presence.

The psychological background of this workshop is informed by transformational coaching and is combined with acting exercises and techniques that help develop their voices, body language, and ease in front of an audience.

We're thrilled to announce this workshop for CROSSING female* scientists with Francesca Carlin. The event will take place on the 29 and 30 of January 2024 at the Collegium Glashütten hotel.

This is a special opportunity with only limited places available, so we would like to make it the most useful for the biggest amount of women possible. Please, write an email by 26 November 2023 if you are joining the workshop. Fees will be covered by CROSSING.

Speaker Bio

The workshop will be held by Francesca Carlin. With a career spanning acting, drama teaching, and artistic direction, Francesca transitioned into coaching business professionals and academics, focusing on enhancing their presentation skills and confidence. Recognizing the potential for impact beyond the theater, she embarked on a journey exploring transformational coaching and design thinking.

Armed with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, a Masters of Fine Arts in acting, and a Masters of Arts in Russian, Francesca is also an accredited Transformational Coach through Animas and a certified Designing Your Life Coach. Drawing on over 15 years of experience, she specializes in helping individuals from academia and business articulate their stories, discover their unique presence, and connect with audiences. Francesca's global experience, working in various countries and languages, has honed her ability to pinpoint universal essentials that empower people to communicate their ideas effectively, build a compelling presence, and leave a lasting impact on audiences across diverse cultures.