CROSSING Research Seminar

Enabling Users to Minimize Data Propagation in Privacy-sensitive Scenarios (A CROSSING Collaboration)

2023/09/28 13:00-14:00

Speaker: Sebastian Linsner | Location: S2|20, Seminar Room 9



In this talk I will present our latest CROSSING collaboration between P2 and E7, bringing crypto into practical use for end users. Handing over personal data is often necessary when communicating with third parties. To minimize the risk of unwanted data propagation and further enhance the privacy of users, we propose an interaction concept based on layered encryption of messages to provide a trade-off between privacy and usability. To investigate this concept, we derive relevant use cases from a quantitative pre-study with 1011 participants and develop demonstrators evaluated them in a qualitative study with 42 participants.

In my talk I will present our approach and the process that lead us to our concept, describe the evaluation and showcase some of the results obtained in our study.

Speaker Bio

Sebastian Linsner has studied IT-Security at TU Darmstadt and is member of CROSSING group E7. His fields of study are usable security and usable privacy. In CROSSING he is working on methods to bring crypto into practical use for end users and raising their awareness, as well as their understanding of crypto.