Celebrating Exceptional Female Students

Female Student Travel Award 2023 Winners Announced


Last Friday, the Female Student Travel Award 2023 recognized eight female students who have made exceptional contributions in the fields of computer science and electrical engineering. This award not only celebrates their achievements but also provides them with the opportunity to attend a networking conference for female students and researchers of their choice.

With the aim of promoting networking and collaboration between young female students, the eight winners of the Female Student Travel Award 2023 were in the spotlight last Friday (23 June). The award ceremony offered the eight talented female winners not only the opportunity to meet each other for the first time, but also to network with members of the awarding research institutions.

The Collaborative Research Centres CROSSING and MAKI, the Research Training Group Privacy & Trust and the LOEWE Centre emergenCITY proudly presented the certificates, which come with a travel grant to an international conference of the winners' choice in Austria, Norway, the USA or Germany. These conferences offer the recipients an exceptional platform for a fruitful exchange of ideas with other brilliant female students and researchers.

We are delighted to have another outstanding group of participants this year, demonstrating the incredible talent and commitment of female students in these disciplines. We offer our sincere congratulations to award winners Sophia Moyen, Marleen Sinsel, Sucheta Kulkarni, Manu Pritha, Elisabeth Kirsten, Luise Mai, Eya Chemangui, and Sophie Lüth, and look forward to the remarkable experiences and insights they will gain at the upcoming conferences.