Safe and Secure Programming on the Edge

Keynote by Prof. Mira Mezini at the TERENA Networking Conference (TNC2023)

2023/06/06 11:00-12:30

Location: Concert Hall, Tirana, Albania

Organizers: GÉANT


The keynote “Safe and Secure Programming on the Edge” by CROSSING-PI professor Mira Mezini presents the goals and current results of the project SAPORE, which aims to advance the state of scientific knowledge in the area of programming foundations for distributed applications – an area with long standing challenges. These challenges are amplified by the global distribution, the quest for decentralisation and the interactive, learning nature of applications under consideration.

SAPORE makes decentralisation a first-class programming principle. Computations on edge devices have their local view on data and execution (“they think locally”) but these views are composable by-design with guaranteed safety and security properties (“reliably act globally”) ensuring safe and secure programming on the edge.

About the Speaker

Mira Mezini is a professor of Computer Science at the Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany. Her research focuses on software development paradigms and tools. On the paradigms side, Prof. Mezini develops programming languages to enable the visions of “software as a service (SaaS)” and “software product-lines” by providing large-scale module concepts with built-in support for adaptability and extensibility. On the tools side, she works on intelligent software-development environments that guide developers to increase the development productivity and the software quality. Prof. Mezini has (co-) authored over 100 scientific publications and regularly serves on steering and programme committees, and editorial boards of top tier conferences and journals in software engineering and programming languages.

About the Conference

The Networking Conference of the Trans-European Research and Education Networking Association (TNC23) will take place in Tirana, Albania from 5-9 June 2023. It will be organized by GÉANT, the collaboration of European National Research and Education Networks, and hosted by RASH, the National Research and Education Network of Albania. This year's motto is DIGITAL GENERATIONS.

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