Short Course: Introduction to Mobile Security

Highly practical Erasmus offer with a mixture of lectures and challenges

2022/10/10 09:00-2022/10/14 17:30

Speaker: Assistant professor Dr. Eleonora Losiouk (University of Padova, SPRITZ research group) | Location: Pankratiusstraße 2, Darmstadt (S2|20, room 9), and online

Organizer: , TU Darmstadt, System Security Lab


We are happy to have assistant professor Dr. Eleonora Losiouk from the Security & Privacy research group at University of Padova with us for a short introductory course on mobile security.

The purpose of this course is to introduce students to the Android OS security through a practical approach. After gaining knowledge on the Android security foundations, you will solve exercises that emulate real-world security issues. The exercises follow the Capture The Flag format, i.e. you will exploit an Android app vulnerability to find the hidden “flag”. The course covers the following topics:

  • Internal architecture of the Android OS.
  • Mobile app components (Activity, Service, Content Provider, Broadcast Receiver).
  • Mobile app reverse engineering techniques.
  • Static and dynamic analysis techniques for mobile apps.

The course will be highly practical with a mixture of lectures and challenges, and the participation in person is encouraged, but students can also join online through this Zoom link:

There are no special prerequisites for students to participate. You can find more information on professor Losiouk's website. Local host for professor Losiouk is the System Security Lab of professor Ahmad-Reza Sadeghi.

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Students can register for the course via TUCaN. You can earn 3 CP after successful participation in the course.