Papers accepted at CCS 2022 Workshops and Poster Session

Success for CROSSING researchers from the ENCRYPTO group at TU Darmstadt


The following works by the ENCRYPTO team were accepted at the CCS 2022 poster/demo sessions and workshops affiliated with CCS 2022:

  • “POSTER: MPClan: Protocol suite for privacy-conscious computations” by Nishat Koti, Shravani Patil, Arpita Patra, and Ajith Suresh at CCS 2022 Posters/Demos.
  • “POSTER: Efficient three-party shuffling using precomputation” by Andreas Brüggemann, Thomas Schneider, Ajith Suresh, and Hossein Yalame at CCS 2022 Posters/Demos.
  • “POSTER: Privacy-preserving epidemiological modeling on mobile graphs” by Daniel Günther, Marco Holz, Benjamin Judkewitz, Helen Möllering, Benny Pinkas, Thomas Schneider, and Ajith Suresh at CCS 2022 Posters/Demos.
  • “Secure maximum weight matching approximation on general graphs” by Andreas Brüggemann, Malte Breuer, Andreas Klinger, Thomas Schneider, and Ulrike Meyer at WPES 2022.
  • “Data protection law and multi-party computation: Applications to information exchange between law enforcement agencies” by Amos Treiber, Dirk Müllmann, Thomas Schneider, and Indra Spiecker genannt Döhmann at WPES 2022.