2022 IACR-CROSSING School on Combinatorial Techniques in Cryptography

2022/04/25 08:00-2022/04/29 18:00

Location: University of Malta

Organizer: Dr. Jean Paul Degabriele (CROSSING, TU Darmstadt), in cooperation with IACR


Combinatorics is a branch of mathematics that has proved to be highly relevant and applicable to cryptography. It comes at play in a variety of ways but some of the techniques and lemmata have found repeated application and can now be considered to be central to certain sub-fields of cryptography.

The 2022 IACR-CROSSING School on Combinatorial Techniques in Cryptographyl will offer a one week course that will lay some of the foundations behind these techniques and explain how they are applied in cryptographic proofs of security and cryptanalysis. The overarching goal is to equip students and researchers with a good set of analytical tools that they can employ in their research. The school’s intended audience is PhD students and researchers working in the areas of cryptography and cryptanalysis.

Further Information

Details on the summer school and how to register