Teaching in CROSSING

Lecture in summer term 2020 covering current research topics of CROSSING

  • Lecture: PQC
    Dr. juliane Krämer
    TUCaN | Lecture Website
  • Seminar: Cyber-Sicherheit, -Krieg und -Frieden
    Prof. Christian Reuter
  • Seminar/Praktika: CORONA-CON
    Prof. Ahmad Sadeghi

CROSSING related lectures assigned to the M.Sc. IT Security

A multitude of courses held by CROSSING researchers and PIs covering research topics relevant to CROSSING are part of the masters's program IT Security at TU Darmstadt.

A complete list of courses assigned to the M.Sc. IT Security can be found here:

Courses of CROSSING research groups

Please visit the websites of the research groups involved in CROSSING to see the currently offered lectures: