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New lectures in summer term 2020 covering current research topics of CROSSING

Note: Lectures introduced during former semesters in general are continued in the subsequent years, but not listed again. For an overview over potentially available lectures see below: “Former semesters”

CROSSING related lectures assigned to the M.Sc. IT Security

A multitude of courses held by CROSSING researchers and PIs covering research topics relevant to CROSSING are part of the masters's program IT Security at TU Darmstadt.

A complete list of courses assigned to the M.Sc. IT Security can be found here:

  • Grundlagen Lecture:des Symmetrischen Kryptographischen Designs
    Ph.D. Jean Paul Degabriele (Cryptography and Network Security) (affiliate member)
  • Lecture: Beweisbare Sicherheit
    Prof. Ph.D. Sebastian Faust, Dr.rer.nat Julia Hesse
    TUCaN | Lecture Website
  • Seminar: Zero Knowledge Beweissysteme
    Prof. Ph.D. Sebastian Faust
    TUCaN | Seminar Website
  • Lab on Development for Protecting Privacy (PRIVDEV-M)
    Prof. Thomas Schneider
    TUCaN | Lab Website
  • Project Lab on Development for Protecting Privacy (PRIVDEV-L)
    Prof. Thomas Schneider
    TUCaN | Lab Website
  • Schutz in vernetzten Systemen – Vertrauen, Widerstandsfähigkeit und Privatheit
    Prof. M. Mühlhäuser, Jörg Daubert, Sheikh Mahbub Habib, Emmanouil Vasilomanolakis, Florian Thorsten Volk
    TUCaN | Lecture Website
  • Secure Software Engineering
    Prof. Eric Bodden, Universität Paderborn
    Lecture Website
  • Post-Quantum Kryptographie II
    Prof. J. Buchmann
    TUCaN | Lecture Website
  • Seitenkanalanalyse der Software
    Dr. A. Starostin
    TUCaN | Lecture Website
    This lecture won the “Best Teaching”-Award after a student evaluation by the Student Association Computer Science