An Unconditionally Hiding Auditing Procedure for Multi-Party Computations

28.04.2016, 11:00 – 12:00

2016/04/28 11:00-12:00

Speaker: Lucas Schabhüser | Location: Hochschulstraße 10 (S2|02), Piloty Building, Room B002, Darmstadt

Organizer: Prof. Johannes Buchmann / Prof. Melanie Volkamer / Moritz Horsch


In this work an unconditionally hiding auditing procedure for computations on documents stored in distributed fashion is introduced. We propose a computationally hiding solution that uses bilinear maps and produces no additional overhead in the online phase. In addition, we introduce a second variation that is the first auditable MPC scheme providing unconditional (or information theoretic) hidingness. We achieve this by combining bilinear maps with unconditionally hiding commitments leading to only a small overhead in the online phase. The auditing procedures presented here are an important contribution for distributed storage solutions, e.g. cloud of clouds, allowing information-theoretic confidentiality. Using our technique, they can be extended to perform auditable computations on the data stored.

Short Bio

Lucas Schabhüser works as a doctoral researcher on the EU project PIRSMACLOUD under the supervision of Prof. Johannes Buchmann at TU Darmstadt. He holds a master's degree in mathematics from the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz. His current research interests lie in the fields of verifiable computing, everlasting confidentiality and cloud computing. He is a member of research projects PRISMACLOUD (Privacy and Security Maintaining Services in the Cloud) and CROSSING (Cryptography-Based Security Solutions: Enabling Trust in New and Next Generation Computing Environments).