Dealing with errors in the quantum world

10.03.2016, 16:30 – 17:30

2016/03/10 16:30-17:30

Speaker: Holger Frydrych | Location: Mornewegstraße 32 (S4|14), Room 5.3.01, Darmstadt

Organizer: Oleg Nikiforov


An introduction to quantum error-correcting codes, dynamical decoupling and entanglement distillation

Any physical system is subject to environmental noise. In the context of the modern computer, this noise inevitably leads to errors in calculations or transmitted data, which have to be detected and corrected to get reliable and deterministic results. In the quantum world, environmental influences are an even bigger concern. Fortunately, techniques were developed which can either suppress or correct resulting errors.

This talk aims to give an introduction to the art of quantum error correction. We will investigate the basics of quantum error-correcting codes and dynamical decoupling and see how they can be used to enable long-distance quantum communication.

Short Bio

Dr. Holger Frydrych graduated with a M.Sc. in physics from TU Darmstadt in January 2011. In March 2011 he joined the theoretical quantum physics group lead by Prof. Dr. Gernot Alber as a PhD student on the topics of quantum information theory and dynamical decoupling. Since October 2014 he is a member of CROSSING project P4. He finished his PhD studies in December 2015