Botnets: State of the Art and Future Challenges

11.06.2015, 15:00 – 16:30

2015/06/11 15:00-16:30

Speaker: Christian Rossow | Location: Mornewegstraße 32 (S4|14), Room 3.1.01, Darmstadt

Organizer: Giorgia Azzurra Marson / Nina Bindel


Since their appearance more than ten years ago, botnets have evolved to a large-scale impact to our everyday security. This talk presents the current state of malicious software and botnets. We will closely look at highly resilient botnet architectures, such as peer-to-peer botnets. We will then also answer a question that is not only interesting from a theoretic standpoint, but also for law enforcement agencies: How resilient are the infrastructures of botnets really, and which techniques can we use to gather intelligence or to take botnets down?

Short Bio

In 2013, Christian graduated at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam with his dissertation “Using Malware Analysis to Evaluate Botnet Resilience”. He is a world-leading expert in analyzing and defeating malicious software. Anti-virus vendor Symantec awarded his research with the Symantec Research Labs Graduate Fellowship ($20,000). The U.S. FBI honored his efforts in taking down one of the most complex botnets ever, the P2P-based banking Trojan Zeus P2P. Christian joined Saarland University in 2014 to lead the System Security research group. His research spans malware analysis, denial-of- service attacks, online banking security and system exploitation.