Collaborative development of the Open CROSSING Crypto Expert - OpenCCE


A central CROSSING goal is to collaboratively develop OpenCCE, an intelligent open-source component library for hosting cryptographic components (developed in the CROSSING projects or outside CROSSING)
that actively assists application developers in selecting and correctly integrating its components
into applications.

Application developers can use OpenCCE to learn about which cryptographic components to use in which combination, in order to achieve high-level security guarantees for a system they desire to build, eventually under constraints, like not requiring special hardware components (chipcards, etc.) for authentication in low-cost scenarios. OpenCCE also assists application developers in instantiating the architecture and validates the correct integration of all components in this instantiation by validating the correct usage of the components’ application interfaces. We envision OpenCCE to also support cryptographers that use the platform to host their cryptographic components.

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