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Matthias Kannwischer: Physical Attack Vulnerability of Hash-Based Signature Schemes
Speaker: Matthias Kannwischer (TU Darmstadt)
Abstract: The eXtended Merkle signature scheme (XMSS), one of the most promising post-quantum...

Srini Devadas: Sanctum - Towards an Open-Source, Formally-Verified Secure Processor (DLS in Cybersecurity)
Abstract Architectural isolation can be used to secure computation on a remote secure processor...

Workshop des Gemeinsamen Ausschusses zum Umgang mit sicherheitsrelevanter Forschung von DFG und Leopoldina
Freiheit und Verantwortung in den IT-Wissenschaften In den IT-Wissenschaften haben insbesondere in...

Workshop: AI Ethics - The Privacy Challenge
This event will focus on privacy issues surrounding Artificial Intelligence. Enhancing efficiency,...

CROSSING Retreat December 2017

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