Workshop on the Theory and Practice of Multi-Party Computation (TPMPC)

Start date:03. April 2017
End date: - 07. April 2017
Start time:14:00 Uhr
End time:14:00 Uhr
Organizer:Dr. Thomas Schneider (TU Darmstadt / CROSSING), Prof. Nigel Smart (University of Bristol / CROSSING)
Location:Bristol, United Kingdom

Dr. Thomas Schneider and Prof. Nigel Smart, Professor at the Cryptography Research Group at University of Bristol and CROSSING advisory board member, are co-organizing the Workshop on Theory and Practice of Multi-Party Computation (TPMPC) in 2017. The TPMPC Workshop aims to bring together practitioners and theorists working in Multi-Party Computation. Multi-Party Computation is a powerful cryptographic notion that - in theory - can solve virtually any cryptographic protocol problem. In recent years the technology has been used in practice and holds great promise for future applications. It can be used to implement, for instance, voting, auctions, procurement and benchmarking with better security, in particular without anyone having to reveal his private data to anyone else.


More Information

Please visit the TPMPC 2017 website.


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