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5th ETSI / IQC Quantum-Safe Cryptography Workshop
The 5th Quantum-Safe Cryptography Workshop is a three-day workshop that will bring together diverse...

Matthias Geihs: Long-Term Secure Time-Stamping under the Preimage Awareness Assumption
Speaker: Matthias Geihs (TU Darmstadt)
Abstract: Cryptographic commitments are either unconditionally hiding or unconditionally binding,...

Bart Preneel: New Threat Models for Cryptography (DLS in Cybersecurity)
Abstract Traditionally cryptography is used to protect communications and stored data. The cost of...

Amir Herzberg: Securing Internet Routing
Speaker: Prof. Amir Herzberg (Bar Ilan University, Israel)
Abstract Routing is the basic infrastructure connecting the Internet together; yet, it remains...

Christos Xenakis: Beyond password authentication: a device centric approach
Speaker: Prof. Christos Xenakis (University of Piraeus, Greece)
Abstract With e-commerce now exceeding 1 trillion € per annum and the emergence of Internet of...

Johannes Buchmann: Datensouveränität, Privatsphärenschutz und Langzeit-Sicherheit im Zeitalter Künstlicher Intelligenz
Vortrag im Rahmen der Stiftungsprofessur der Gutenberg-Stiftung.      

Marco Guarnieri: Securing Databases from Probabilistic Inference
Abstract Databases can leak confidential information when users combine query results with...

Johannes Buchmann: Cybersicherheit - Primzahlen - Quanten - Wie können unsere Rechner in Zukunft sicher sein?
Speaker: Prof. Johannes Buchmann (CROSSING / TU Darmstadt)
Abstract Cybersicherheit ist eine der großen Herausforderungen der Gegenwart und Zukunft. Das...

Bernd Lohmann: Tunable entanglement resource in elastic electronexchange collisions out of chaotic spin systems
Speaker: PD Dr. Bernd Lohmann (Institut für Theoretische Physik, Westfälische Wilhelmsuniversität Münster)
Abstract Entanglement, introduced by Erwin Schrödinger as "Verschränkung", is one of the...

Georgius M. Nikolopoulos: Continuous-variable quantum authentication of physical unclonable keys
Speaker: Dr. Georgius M. Nikolopoulos (Institute of Electronic Structure and Laser, Foundation for Research and Technology - Hellas)
Abstract Entity authentication is one of the main cryptographic tasks. The development of...

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