• Prof. N. Asokan: Fast client-side phishing detection [Download from]
  • Dr. Sunny Consolvo: Exploratory studies of privacy- & security-related beliefs and practices [*]
  • Prof. George Danezis: Modern anonymous Communications [undefinedPPT]
  • Prof. Lucas Davi: Dangerous Bit Flips in Memory: Rowhammer Attacks and Defenses [undefinedPPTX]
  • Sridhar Iyengar: Securing the Autonomous Automobile [undefinedPDF]
  • Prof. Norbert Lütkenhaus: Protecting Privacy using Optical Quantum Communication [undefinedPDF]
  • Prof. Christof Paar: How to Attack the IoT with hardware Trojans [undefinedPDF]
  • Prof. Bart Preneel: The Future of Security [undefinedPDF]
  • Prof. Peter Ryan: Securing the Foundations of Democracy [undefinedPDF]


* Dr. Consolvo can't publish her slides, but sent us the two papers the talk was based of:

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