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Johannes Buchmann: Cryptographic Long-Term Protection?
Speaker: Prof. Johannes Buchmann (CROSSING / TU Darmstadt)
CROSSING Spokesperson Prof. Johannes Buchmann will deliver a keynote at Africacrypt...

Georgius M. Nikolopoulos: Continuous-variable quantum authentication of physical unclonable keys
Speaker: Dr. Georgius M. Nikolopoulos (Institute of Electronic Structure and Laser, Foundation for Research and Technology - Hellas)
Abstract Entity authentication is one of the main cryptographic tasks. The development of...

Bernd Lohmann : Tunable entanglement resource in elastic electronexchange collisions out of chaotic spin systems
Speaker: PD Dr. Bernd Lohmann, Institut für Theoretische Physik, Westfälische Wilhelmsuniversität Münster
Abstract: Entanglement, introduced by Erwin Schrödinger as "Verschränkung", is one of...

Johannes Buchmann: Datensouveränität, Privatsphärenschutz und Langzeit-Sicherheit im Zeitalter Künstlicher Intelligenz
Abstract tba

CROSSING Summer School 2017 on Sociotechnical Security and Privacy Challenges in Cyberspace
Georg-Christoph-Lichtenberghaus, Dieburger Straße 241, Darmstadt

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