The Technische Universität Darmstadt has openings for doctoral researchers in the collaborative research center CROSSING, starting October 1st, 2014. Collaborative Research Centers are institutions funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) and are established at universities to pursue a scientifically ambitious, complex, long‐term research program. The goal of the center CROSSING is to provide cryptography-based security solutions enabling trust in new and next generation computing environments. In the center researchers from different areas such as cryptography, IT security, computing hardware, quantum physics, and software engineering will collaborate. The available doctoral positions are distributed over the aforementioned areas, and will be affiliated with the research training school of the center.

As part of its research program CROSSING will develop an open-source software called OpenCCE which will allow users to deploy the developed solutions in a secure and easy way.

Applicants should upload their applications on the submission form including the usual documents and indicating the applicant’s area of interest. Applications will be considered until the positions are filled.

CROSSING is searching especially for female researchers: Gender equality is of utmost importance for CROSSING. We strongly support female researchers on all career levels with special workshops, networking events, personal coaching, etc. We would like to increase the number of female researchers working in CROSSING and give preference to their applications.

Applicants with a degree of disability of 50% or more will be preferred in case they are otherwise equally qualified to the other candidates. It is generally possible to work part time.  

Job Offer (english pdf)

Job Offer (german pdf)

Currently there are open positions for doctoral researchers in the following projects

ProjectPrincipal Investigators
P3 - Hardware-Entangled CryptographyAhmad-Reza Sadeghi
Stefan Katzenbeisser
P4 - Quantum Key HubsGernot Alber
Thomas Walther
S1 - Scalable Trust InfrastructuresMatthias Hollick
Max Mühlhäuser
S2 - Attestation ProtocolsAhmad-Reza Sadeghi
Lucas Davi
E2 - Secure Refinement of Cryptographic AlgorithmsHeiko Mantel
Marc Fischlin


Currently there is an open position for a HiWi in the following project



undefinedImplementing Efficient Secure Computation M.Sc. Christian Weinert (christian.weinert(a-t) or Dr.-Ing. Thomas Schneider (thomas.schneider(a-t)

S6 - Long-Term Secure Archiving


Implementation of long-term secure systemsMatthias Geihs (mgeihs(a-t)
S2 - Attestation ProtocolsFPGA-based Prototyping of Security ArchitecturesGhada Dessouky (ghada.dessouky(a-t) or Shaza Zeitouni (shaza.zeitouni(a-t)
S2 - Attestation ProtocolsundefinedEvaluation of Remote Attestation Protocols in Trusted Computing (HiWi task /Bachelor thesis)Ghada Dessouky (ghada.dessouky(a-t) or Shaza Zeitouni (shaza.zeitouni(a-t)





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